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once upon a time... the magical land known as Los Angeles, a little glitter accessory case with a ton swag was born. 

“We shall call it DANCEKIT,” said a group of L.A.’s hottest dancers, straight off tour with artists such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Selena Gomez. This group of dancers proceeded to put a magic spell on the DANCEKIT, which changed the dance industry as we know it.  

This magical kit, has not only reached and connected all types of dancers from all over the world, but has now expanded into a full on lifestyle brand combing the “sass of Ariana Grande with the swag of Drake.” 

From the kit, to masterclasses, a fashion line, and the upcoming merge with the fitness industry, DANCEKIT® has taken over.




If you've been to one of our DK workshop tours, you know the vibe.  That non-stop party, take your ponytail down, take lots of selfies, dance to the sickest music and become a family vibe.  We want that vibe to reach as many people as it can.  All over the world. And not just to dancers that dance professionally.

Ready for the best part?